The dolphin of Football to attempt a new world record at Melia Cohiba

The dolphin of Football to attempt a new world record at Melia Cohiba

Next Saturday, a new sport challenge will take place at Melia Cohiba. This time, the aquatic record holder Jhoen Lefont, the dolphin of Football will attempt a new World Guinness Record of ball control in the pool of the resort,  where he has achieved two previous records before.  The 29 years old athlete has a great task ahead. It is all in his hands, or should I say … in his head!

Jhoen Lefont, also known as "The Dolphin of Football"
Jhoen Lefont, also known as “The Dolphin of Football”

To accomplish the defiance, Jhoen will try to hold the ball on his head –like the seals or dolphins do- while balancing his movements with his arms and legs . The innovation of the activity itself and the coastal breeze are within the biggest issues that the audacious man will have to face in order to hold the ball for more than ten minutes, thus registering the official record consisting on the “longest time treading water whilst balancing a football on the head”.

For the last three months the athlete has been working on his routines emphasizing the aquatic balance exercises and the improvement of ball control with his head. The ground trainings have included races and football games.

Well-known sport personalities will attend the event at Saturday May 27th : The brothers Douglas and Erick Hernandez, beginners and impellers of the sport activity; Luis Carlos Garcia, who may as well become the successor of the non-aquatic modality discipline in our country, and other starring figures like Javier Sotomayor, the worldwide record holder of high jump and Victor Mesa, the newly designated manager of Industriales. The legendary tobacco twister Jose Castelar ‘’Cueto’’ will also be in attendance.

Alongside to the resort Melia Cohiba, the sport brand Adidas, the water brand Ciego Montero and G-Shock watches will sponsor the activity.


Many will observe how Jhoen Lefont defies himself and some natural aspects next Saturday, in the attempt of collecting another ranking. The new achievement to come will be recorded by broadcast media and without doubt, the intrepid record holder will make history once more.